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November 18, 2010 / Candice

They first came for the raw food producers…

and I did not speak up because I was not a raw food producer.

This is just fucking disgusting. The government is totally overstepping it’s boundaries when it comes to regulating the food we choose to put into our bodies. If I choose to go to McDonalds and eat 5 cheeseburgers, knowing good and well that it could be harmful to my heath, that’s my choice. If I choose to drink unpasteurized milk, knowing the potential risks, that too, is my fucking choice. Same with smoking, alcohol, salt, trans fat, donuts, the list continues.

The government is severely limited our choices these days, that’s not freedom, that’s oppression. And even though I do not partake in the whole “raw foods” thing, these people, in fact all people, should be allowed the freedom to choose what goes into their bodies without the government taxing the hell out of it or raiding a private hippie market with guns, GUNS, drawn to shut it down simply because the FDA is drunk with power!

Dear FDA: Get the fuck out of my fridge!!

Also, San Francisco, give me my damn happy meal toys, you anti-American heathens!!

(h/t @StickeeNotes and @NickGillespie)


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