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October 21, 2010 / Candice

It’s been a good week for Chip Cravaack.

This week has been a huge for Chip Cravaack. He had a debate with Jim Oberstar in which he clearly won by nearly every standard known to man. Well, maybe except in the “number of words used to explain your position” category, in that case, Jim Oberstar clearly won. But I digress… You see, Chip Cravaack is finally making it into the national election discussion. Thanks, in large part, to major bloggers like Ace, of Ace of Spades and Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air. There are also dozens of smaller bloggers in Minnesota and across the country making a push to get Chip’s name and this campaign out there. And it seems to be working. BIG TIME.

The news of the battle for MN CD-8 has been quite literally everywhere. From Politico, to the Star Tribune, to Fox news, you can find a story about Chip “The extra A is for Awesome” Cravaack and Jim “Ol’ Bike Shorts” Oberstar.

This morning, Chip made an appearance on Fox and Friends. According to Gretchen in the clip, Oberstar declined a chance to, once again, meet with his opponent. Oh well. Probably a smart move on Oberstar’s part.

The video also made a special appearance on the Media Matters blog today. MM claims that “Fox continues to prove itself to be the campaign arm of the GOP”. And MSNBC and the rest do nothing to further the liberal agenda? Paaahhhleeeze. I’m not really going to give that blog any more attention than it deserves. But it should be mentioned that if the progressives are feeling a little threatened by Chip Cravaack making a three minute appearance on Fox News, it’s fair to say that they know they’re in trouble. Which is all kinds of awesome!! What ever will they do if Oberstar isn’t the chairman of the Uber-powerful Transportation committee? How will all those shovel ready jobs be created and/or saved?

Fact of the matter is, regardless of party affiliation, there is no reason that ONE man or woman should represent a district for 35 years! That is especially true if that person lives in MARYLAND! Which is about 1200 miles from the district he represents. Oberstar is simply out of touch with his constituents and it’s definitely time to give him the boot!

Here are a few gems to show you just how out of touch Oberstar is with his district, and the country as a whole:

Another reason I want Chip to beat Oberstar? THIS:

If you want to help out with Chip’s campaign, you can volunteer or donate. I’m also hosting a GOTV day with Chip on Oct. 30th. Click here for details.


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